Easter egg flower bunny rabbit arrangement

Easter celebrations at hostels

Thanks to our donors’ support this year, we are able to support lots of fun activities for people in hostels over the Easter weekend.

Mums in hostels can struggle to provide activities or go places with their children on top of paying for essentials such as bills, food, and clothes on a very limited income. They also find it hard to motivate themselves at this difficult time in their lives, after facing the trauma of homelessness, or fleeing domestic violence.

A day trip will give the children something to look forward to and enjoy. Among the eight mums and 16 children, the children are aged from five to 16 years old, so need a mixture of activities.

Staff have planned a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park for all the families on scheme in the Easter holidays. They will walk around the park and meet giraffes, elephants, and some cheeky monkeys.

The four families living in a homelessness scheme, and five families out in the community in Wakefield, can not always see family or friends on holidays. The staff want the scheme to provide a supportive and positive place for them.

They will hold Easter celebrations with an Easter egg hunt, craft activities and lunch. They will also buy cards and small gifts for the mums on Mother’s Day, and hold a tea party.

Finally, 36 homeless men and women in Reading will get to enjoy an Easter treat. Some hostel residents have no contact with their families, so their support staff always make an effort to celebrate such occasions with them. Each resident will get an Easter egg, and refreshments for a lunch will be supplied over the weekend.