Snowden 2 2017

Mountains to climb

Residents at the Park View service are all in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

They come from backgrounds that include homelessness, prison, and mental health units. Some have experienced abuse or neglect and have been through the social care system multiple times.

Their hostel provides a six-month programme over two stages. When residents arrive, they participate in group therapy and explore their past behaviours in order to move on with their futures.

Support staff felt that a camping trip would help residents to enjoy structured activities and team building. Many of them have not had holidays or breaks for many years, and some have never had a holiday at all.

It was offered to residents in the second stage, which is more focused on education, training, and employment, as well as integration back into the community.

For most of the group, it was a totally new experience. They worked closely together and were able to think about different activities they could do outdoors. The trip broadened their horizons.

The walk was so popular that more trips have been arranged, and was a great achievement for all involved.

Church Housing Trust paid for the group’s tent pitches and accommodation, as well as equipment such as kettles, torches, windbreakers, and the weekend’s food. Now that the hostel has this basic equipment, they hope to take a group to Snowdon every year.