Any spare change?

Giving money to a homeless person may help them eat for another day. Donating to us can help them to rebuild their life.

Church Homeless Trust provides grants to homeless people who are living in hostels and need extra help to move on. For those with nothing, your donation can make a huge difference. Please donate today.

Every week, Church Homeless Trust gives around £4,000 in grants to homeless people in hostels. Once they have a roof over their heads, we help them find a sense of purpose and establish a home. The grants are small, usually between £50 and £200, but to people who have nothing they mean a great deal. Even small donations can change lives.



Buys a welcome pack for a new arrival to a hostel.


Helps to pay for certification and training.


Supports therapeutic activities such as exercise groups.


Helps someone get the essentials they need for their new home.