Gate Buddies

Help for ex-offenders in Manchester

Church Housing Trust is proud to fund the Gate Buddies project, which supports ex-offenders in Greater Manchester. The scheme has been going from strength to strength, so much so that it caught the eye of young film maker Callum Drinkwater.

He examines the successes of the project, and the challenges it faces:

More about Gate Buddies

Gate Buddies aims to stop the cycle of recidivism, prison and homelessness by supporting offenders and their families.

The reality is that many people who leave prison without a home, work, or appropriate support are at risk of offending again.

The service starts towards the end of the prison sentence and continues after release. It encourages families and offenders to connect with services in the Greater Manchester area.

Gate Buddies volunteers, themselves reformed ex-offenders, use their experience to support people through their journey, from leaving prison to resettling in the community.

The project provides offenders and their families the same chance as everyone else.

Find out more on the Gate Buddies website.

Huge thanks to Callum Drinkwater for producing this short film as part of his BA (Hons) course at Salford University.