Ruth at the CEO Sleepout in Lord's cricket ground London

Sleep out success

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in a sleep out for us last month.

The sleep outs, held in Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford stadium and Lord’s cricket grounds in London, served as a reminder of what homeless people face every night.

Businessmen and women took part in order to raise funds and awareness, including Church Housing Trust team members Ruth Uwimana and Miriam Morris, alongside John Glenton and Layla Allen of partner organisation Riverside Care and Support.

Church Housing Trust’s Executive Director Miriam was one of the top fundraisers in London, and you can still donate to all of the participants to boost their totals further!

We were especially pleased to be joined by a recent addition to our Board, Anne Parker CBE. Anne shared her experience of sleeping out:

“Mission accomplished! The sleep out is over and it wasn’t too bad. No rain, good sleeping bag and lots of layers so I was warm. I managed to get into my bag and lie down and several hours later managed to get up and pack up. Both of these manoeuvres require a level of agility I do not have but on the night it was OK because the sleeping area was between the seats in a stand at Lords so I had things to grasp hold of.

“It was interesting to listen to the sounds of London overnight (the back of the stand was open and ran along a road). The cement floor was hard but surprisingly not too uncomfortable.

“However, they kept the lights on all night so little or no sleep. Altogether better than I was expecting. Thank you for your generous support. In all I raised £2314 so I am a happy bunny. Again my thanks, and thanks from the homeless people you have helped.”