Our new name

We have changed our name from Church Housing Trust to Church Homeless Trust.

I’m Liz, the new Chair of Church Homeless Trust. Your donations are more important than ever as demand for our grants continues to grow. For example, in 2017 we provided 510 resettlement grants, in comparison with 302 resettlement grants the previous year.

You will notice that we have changed our name from Church Housing Trust to Church Homeless Trust.

Our origins go back to 1882 and the incredible work of Church Army Housing on behalf of homeless people. They worked at the forefront of homeless services. We continue to support people in many hostels first set up by Church Army Housing.

Our focus is on homeless individuals and what they need to rebuild their lives. We concentrate on building their individual strengths and interests, and meeting their needs with small, personal grants. For instance, thanks to your support, Ahmed has the ID he needs to apply for jobs.

“This means that I can now look for legitimate work… it will make a massive difference to my life.” – Ahmed

There is no government funding for individual needs. Without your donations, Ahmed and others like him will continue to be excluded from society. A small grant can make a huge difference.

Last year, we launched World Homeless Week. More than 100 churches and communities took part in fundraising and awareness activities.

Click here to order free materials for this year’s World Homeless Week.

Finally, we have all seen the increase in numbers of people sleeping rough. Night shelters run by churches and community groups are having to keep rough sleepers alive over the winter months.

In recognition of this, we have made our grants available to guests at community and church shelters. This will create a further increase in demand, but we trust that through the generosity of our supporters we will continue to be able to help more homeless people to rebuild their lives.

Liz Wilson
Chair of the Board of Trustees