Making mums smile

Donors to Church Housing Trust know that they are funding the little, day-to-day surprises that help to brighten up the difficult lives of homeless people, especially young mothers in homelessness schemes across the country.

Not all mums are fortunate enough to be guaranteed a present on Mothering Sunday. But the support team at the Teenage Parent Project in Wakefield was kind enough to host a brunch for the young mums who live there.

The team also provided a few small gifts for those whose kids are too young to recognise the hard work their mums do.

Each parent, including those that now live independently but still receive some support from the project, received cards, chocolates, and a teddy bear.

“Some didn’t receive anything else other than this, so they really appreciated it,” commented support worker Beverley Spencer. “It’s lovely for them to feel appreciated and to have confirmed what a good job they are doing as mothers.”

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