Our Approach

People who have experienced homelessness need more than just a roof. They need help to overcome the difficulties they face, and opportunities to develop their confidence and skills.

To maintain this, they need to find a safe place within a community, with positive and supportive relationships. Last year we helped more than 5,000 people in over 100 projects by funding training, group activities, travel expenses, clothing and other bespoke support.

Church Homeless Trust helps people without a home to rebuild their lives. It takes a huge amount of support to make the journey from sleeping rough to establishing a home. In the supported living schemes that we fund, the four key areas of support are advice services; meaningful activities, such as art, sports, gardening, and informal learning; Education, Training and Employment; and resettlement services.

We fund peer-led support and outreach to help rough sleepers off the streets, and pay for essentials when people arrive in hostels for the first time.

We fund activities that enhance well-being, such as day trips and social events, as well as health and fitness activities like sporting groups and cooking classes.

We help people to become more confident and healthy, through therapeutic activities and personal support such as arts and crafts, gardening and group counselling.

We help to pay for deposits, basic household goods, and furniture when people move into their own independent accommodation.