Home living room with sofa and table

Former alcoholic now loves life

Fran* is 51 and a recovering alcoholic.

She drank for over 20 years of her life, estranging her friends and family in the process.

After falling very ill, she was taken to hospital. Her stay resulted in her losing her home, so she was referred to a detox programme.

After successfully completing the programme, she felt ready to live independently again. Church Housing Trust was able to support her with funding for basic appliances in her new home, and she spoke to us about her experiences.

“I came to the Park View project as a result of years of binge drinking that eventually led me to be hospitalised. I was sent to a hostel, and a member of staff there contacted Park View on my behalf as they could see that I was in dire need of help.

“I came to the treatment center utterly defeated and completely broken. I had had enough of being sick and having no quality of life. That was in January 2016. 20 months on, I am learning to live a sober, happy, healthy life.

“I have my three beautiful daughters and four amazing grandchildren in my life, and now that I am living in my own little home, I actually have the kids staying with me!

“Thanks to the project and the fellowship of AA I have a lovely life, not just the existence I had for years and years.”

Fran was able to buy a washing machine and freezer for her accommodation.

“I have used the funding from Church Housing Trust to help furnish my new home. I couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful for the help I have received.

“Without this funding, I would have struggled for a lot longer. Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude to Church Housing Trust for helping me make my house a home.”

*Name changed to protect identity.