Former homeless person Clive in his new bedroom after resettlement

Having a bed is ‘icing on the cake’

Clive* never expected to lose his home, business, and family.

He worked for 33 years of his life, including running his own business for 13 years. But both he and his wife had drinking problems, and it eventually ended their marriage.

After their divorce, Clive began to drink more heavily. He lost his house, business, and car. He also damaged his relationship with his family.

Although he attended AA meetings to seek help, his life continued to spiral downwards. His drinking became out of control, and he became involved in crime.

Clive’s probation officer referred him to a rehabilitation service that Church Housing Trust supports.

He was totally committed to his recovery, and in less than two years, moved from the first stage of the project into independent living.

However, he had nothing left from his previous life. His new flat was unfurnished, and after buying a freezer and washing machine, he had no spare funds. After the huge amount of progress he had made, he had to on his own sofa while he tried to save money.

Thanks to our donors, Church Housing Trust could pay for a comfortable bed for Clive.

He said that he felt blessed by the care he received throughout his recovery, and humbled by the subsequent help he has had towards starting his new life. He added that this funding for comfortable furnishings was “the icing on the cake.”

He has been sober for well over a year, and volunteers with other charities such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation. He was able to reconnect with his sons, whom he lost touch with after his divorce.

*Name changed to protect identity.