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Grant provides dignity to vulnerable woman

Lynn was a full time carer for her partner, who was bed bound.

When he passed away, she became very isolated and had no one to support her through her grief.

Living alone in the bungalow they shared for all those years was very difficult for her. She had to leave and became homeless, which caused a lot of emotional stress for her while grieving.

Her learning difficulties and depression, on top of her grief, made her very vulnerable. She was also socially isolated, with no friends or family to support her. Then she was mugged, and had her phone and purse taken.

She moved into a supported one-bedroom flat, but it was completely empty and unfurnished. On her limited income she found it very difficult to afford anything besides food and bills. Her support worker gave her food vouchers when they saw that on numerous occasions there was nothing in her cupboards.

Church Housing Trust was able to provide a grant that meant Lynn could buy a second hand washing machine, saving her money at a launderette. She also bought blinds and curtains, as it is a ground floor flat, and bedding to replace the odd bits of blankets that were all she had on her bed.

With help from the jobcentre, Lynn is looking for part-time work. She has also been given a disability bus pass. This means she can get out and about, so she and her support worker are contacting women’s groups and activities for her to attend, make some friends, and learn social skills.

Church Housing Trust is proud to provide, with your support, funding for essential items that help people regain their dignity at incredibly difficult times in their lives. If you would like to support more people like Lynn, please donate today. It truly makes a difference.