2017 Cathie new Fridge Freezer

When is a fridge not a fridge?

When it’s a lifesaver. Cathie’s support worker told us why.

“After Cathie’s husband died, her physical health went downhill and she was made homeless. She spent some time living in her car, but it was vandalised while she was asleep and it became too dangerous for her to stay in.

“She moved into a hostel where we could help to support her. She made rapid progress and was soon ready to move into her own accommodation.

“Her health has improved and she now has a pacemaker, but she still gets short of breath. Although she lives relatively close to a supermarket, Cathie gets tired of having to keep going out regularly due to her health. She is extremely grateful for any help and support she gets.

“She decided to buy a new fridge, but needed support from Church Housing Trust to be able to afford one. It took a while to find a suitably sized fridge freezer for Cathie due to her small kitchen.

“As you can hopefully see, she needed to find one that would fit underneath the boiler – a bit of an odd size! The only thing left is for the door to be taken off and hung on the opposite side as it’s a bit awkward.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Cathie to be included in the photo! We still have a bit of money left over and Cathie needs a new kettle as hers is leaking so we will shop for this next.

“Thank you for the funding – I know for sure Cathie appreciated getting it!”