Veterans enjoy woodcraft workshop

Just before Christmas, veterans enjoyed carpentry workshops that developed their skills and creativity.

The Veterans Woodcraft Organisation offers bespoke training and support to homeless veterans in a homeless veterans service supported by Church Homeless Trust. The service has a woodworking area in an on-site shed, and Church Homeless Trust funded new tools, supplies, and goggles and earplugs so that residents could take part in woodworking sessions.

After initial training, the group was able to make bowls, pens, and cups as Christmas presents for family and friends. Designing and making presents is rewarding, and gave the participants a way to keep busy and the chance to work together. In just one day, logs can be transformed into candlesticks.

It was a new experience for the veterans and could be the start of a new career for some, or an enriching hobby for others.

Crafting is a great way to pass the time and lets the veterans express their creativity, as well as creating beautiful, bespoke items for themselves and friends. There is evidence that woodcraft can have very real health benefits, such as improving mood and cognitive function.

Creative therapies such as this help people suffering from anger issues, addiction, or other turmoil to release negative emotions, relax, and take their mind off their issues.