Roughly one in four homeless people have a history of offending.

Supporting ex-offenders

This situation will only worsen as councils criminalise begging, loitering, and rough sleeping, without providing alternative options for homeless people.

Ex-offenders face a huge amount of difficulty finding work and housing on their release. This often results in them turning, in desperation, to more crime. According to the Prison Reform Trust, almost 75% of ex-offenders cannot find employment when they leave prison. Those who face being homeless on release are also 30% more likely return to prison.

Within Gate Buddies, a scheme for ex-offenders that we support, 75% of those who have taken part are now in employment or training. Compared to the national re-offending average of 50%, only 6% of those who take part in Gate Buddies have gone on to re-offend.

Gate Buddies Project Assistant Ken said: “With a Gate Buddy you get support from someone who’s been there, been in prison and understands what you’re going through. When you come out of prison a Buddy will act as your advocate and be on your side. Together they’ll help you find a place to stay, the right services and put in place what you need so you don’t end up back in prison.”

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