We support around 3,500 homeless people around England each year.

Networking: We reach many homeless people by working with local organisations,

Church Homeless Trust supports people who have been homeless and in crisis, or who need on-going help due to disability or illness. People are homeless for many different reasons. Some people have a happy home but lose it because their relationship breaks down, or they get ill, or lose their job, or someone dies, or they get into debt. Often it is a combination of these things. Other people have never had a stable or happy home, perhaps being neglected or abused as a child, perhaps growing up in care.

We are a small charity, and are able to reach so many homeless people by working in partnership with organisations that provide services. Use the map above to look at different schemes which we work with around England. Click on an icon for more information about that hostel, and double-click to zoom in.