Homeless young people from homelessness hostel Shaw Street in Liverpool are the winning bowling team on a night out

Homeless young people enjoy night out

More than a quarter of homeless hostel residents in England are under 25.

Young people can become homeless for a variety of reasons: due to relationship breakdowns, leaving care, mental health issues, or substance misuse.

Having no support or stable home has an adverse effect on their education, employment, and mental health. Many people who are homeless at a young age are much more likely to end up back on the streets.

And support for young people must go beyond simply giving them a safe place to stay.

A trip out makes a change from the usual accommodation, education, and training responsibilities these young people face. They each put a lot of effort into managing every day on their own at a young age and trying to secure a more stable future.

Church Housing Trust funded a group of homeless young people and their support staff on an evening’s entertainment at the local Hollywood Bowl. A team of support staff was narrowly beaten by the attending residents, lead to victory by the very capable Ally, pictured. Afterwards, the group went out together for a sociable meal.

George F said:
“It was brilliant to get out and mix with others from the project, as we can all tend to do our own thing and not integrate. I’ve never been bowling before, so it was great to try something new, and it was even better to beat Ally’s team. The food was boss, and I hope we can do more activities like this again.”