Homeless young person Anthony

“I’m really excited”

Anthony has a learning difficulty and spent his childhood in the care of multiple different services.

His family also struggled with relationship breakdowns and needed intensive support. When Anthony turned 18 his father was already living in a homeless hostel.

The difficult transition and lack of help, once he was no longer a child, meant that he became homeless too. He moved around hostels, B&Bs and other temporary accommodation, struggling with an extremely unsettled start to his adult life.

When he moved into a hostel that Church Housing Trust works with, he gained some much-needed stability. Although he was nervous to share a kitchen and bathroom in his accommodation, he grew in confidence, eventually becoming the Resident Representative at the scheme.

He was moved into more independent accommodation, but missed the support and company he had found at the scheme. He says “I had a few hours of support care each week but I did not settle… I missed the people who cared about me.”

He has now, happily, been offered a space at a support scheme where he will have his own flat, but also know the support staff and other residents in the building.

“It is somewhere I have always wished to live,” he explains. “It will be my first real home.”

However, having moved around his entire life, Anthony had almost no possessions to help him settle into the flat. Church Housing Trust provided him with funding for basic furniture including a bed, wardrobe and sofa.

He adds: “Thank you. I needed furniture and will be able to call the thing I buy ‘mine’. I really can’t wait to move in and have my friends over to visit me. I am really excited.”