Church Housing Trust were incredibly impressed by a group of Sea Cadet volunteers who chose to work with them as the final task of their National Citizen Service social action project.

How can young people help to end homelessness?

Young people can play an important role in supporting people out of homelessness.

In England, one of the richest nations on earth, more than 300,000 young people have no home of their own on any given night. This includes thousands of ‘hidden homeless’ children staying on friends’ sofas and floors or struggling in unsuitable, temporary accommodation. The young people and students you work with may be increasingly aware of these problems, or directly affected by them, and will have questions about homelessness.

But it is hard for schools and youth groups to know how to help. World Homeless Week is an opportunity for your school or youth group to learn more about the issues that create and perpetuate homelessness in England, and what they can do to help homeless people. It is also a chance to raise funds for homeless people across England.

Getting involved in activities such as National Volunteering Week and NCS volunteering encourages children to think about charitable causes, societal issues, and how they can contribute in order to be good citizens.

Over the past year, Church Housing Trust has been supported by several schools and youth groups.

We also want schools, colleges, church youth groups, and other organisations for young people to take part in World Homeless Week from the 9-15 October 2017.

So we have developed an activity booklet for youth workers and teachers to use as a starting point when discussing homelessness.

The booklet includes questions and activities, a multiple choice quiz, and recommendations for future actions that the group might undertake.

Download the PDFs below or email us to order hard copies.

Activities for schools 2017
Activities for youth groups 2017